Be convenient for customers who prefer telegram logo Telegram

Connect Telegram to JivoChat and respond to the messenger requests through the JivoChat app: the client will not have to
wait long, you will not miss a single message
Your customers use Telegram actively
Telegram surpassed 700 million active users in 2022. The number of Telegram downloads in the world has exceeded 1 billion. Connect Telegram to JivoChat to get closer to the messenger users, process their requests quickly and monitor your customer service quality.
Take advantage of the
JivoChat benefits
Quick response
Messages from Telegram get into the JivoChat app and are distributed among the available agents. As a result, customers get answers and decide in your favor faster
Data security
Communication occurs not on your agent’s phones, but through the JivoChat app. Ex-employees will not be able to access the message history and customer contacts.
Service quality
Assign tasks, set up notifications and sort requests among agents. Having access to dialogues with clients, you can correct the work of your team at any time.
Use all of Telegram’s features for full communication with customers
text, voice and video messages
sending documents and images
gifs, emojis and stickers
JivoChat chatbot meets customers 24/7 in Telegram and other channels
JivoChat chatbot can reduce your support teams workload, answer repititive questions and let your agents focus on complex client issues.

Use ready-made templates to connect a bot in a minute and get started here.

Create a bot according to your business needs. 100% codeless intuitive chatbot builder is easy to use even if you are less than tech-savvy.
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Take advantage of the JivoChat and Telegram integration for security and growth of your business
Telegram with JivoChat
— The message history is stored in the JivoChat account. Access to it may be restricted at any time
— Several agents can work with the client’s request at once
— Statistics on the responses speed and quality for each agent
— Integration with CRM - all data from chats get into your sales system
— A single phone number that is convenient to use in all channels
— Quick answers in a single window
— Ability to stay available 24/7 via chatbot
Telegram without JivoChat
— The message history is stored in your staff’s phones. Upon dismissal, the data can be carried away easily
— Other agents can’t join the chat if necessary
— Impossible to track how well and quickly the agent replies to customers
— All data from chats remain in the agent’s phone
— Instead of your company’s single number, the customer has only your agent’s personal contact
— The customer will not receive a response until the agent sees a notification in one of the many applications
— If the customer writes outside working hours, a reply will be received only after a few hours or even days
Connect Telegram to JivoChat for free in a few minutes
How to connect the JivoChat and Telegram integration