How to use the Task feature

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Some conversations may require a future action from an agent. You may need to confirm an information and later contact a client or give a client a call on an specific time and date. In such cases, you can set yourself or a teammate a task.

Creating tasks

You can create tasks for any conversation inside the "Contacts Center" section in the app. To create a task, click on "Create a task" button in the top right side of the conversation window.

On "Create a task" menu:

  1. Select the specific date and time the agent should be notified or choose one of the suggested periods of time listed.

  2. Choose an assignee for the task. It can be yourself or a teammate. You may use the search field to find the agent name.

  3. Add a description of the task. This field is optional.

  4. Select whether you would like to Show the notification at the specified time.

  5. Click on Save button to create the task.

Immediately after the task has been created, a system message with the task details will be displayed in the conversation window and a green bell icon will be associated to the client icon.

When time and date selected has come, the conversation with the task will automatically open on "Contact Center" > "My" section in the app for the agent.

In case you have selected the option "Show the notification at the specified time" the agent will also receive a notification in the app.

In case the agent is not logged to the app at the time selected for the task, they will see the task next time they log in.

Managing tasks

Tasks can be managed from "CRM" > "Tasks" section in the app. By default, only Incomplete tasks will be displayed. If you need to see Overdue and Completed tasks, please use the section' filters.

Please notice that admins are able to see the tasks for all the agents in the account. Agents without admin rights can only see the tasks that where assigned to them.

Overdue tasks are displayed in red color. You will find the total number of expired tasks in the section header.

Completing tasks

To set a task as completed, click on "Complete" button below the task on conversation window or click on "Task" button on the top right side of the conversation window and then click on "Complete the task".

When a task is completed, its color will become light gray in the "CRM" > "Tasks" section and the bell icon will be removed from the client icon.

Please notice that completing a task does not remove it from "CRM" section. To completely remove a task from "CRM" > "Tasks" section you need to delete the task.

In case the agent tries to leave a chat with an incomplete task, he will be prompt to either "Move to tomorrow" or "Complete and leave".

Editing and Deleting tasks

To edit a task, click on "Task" button on the top right side of the conversation window, make the desired changes and click on "Save" button. When the task is changed, its information is automatically updated on "CRM" > "Tasks" section.

To delete a task, click on "Task" button on the top right side of the conversation window and then click on "Delete the task". Deleting a task will remove it from the conversation and from "CRM" > "Tasks" section.

That's it! You will never forget to contact your clients at a future moment anymore!

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