How to change the language of the chat window on a website

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To change the language of the chat widget on your website, open the JivoChat web app or any of our Desktop agent apps then go to Manage -> Channels -> Settings (next to your website channel).

Next, go to the Options menu.

"Chat Window Language" is the option where you can choose one of the 21 available ready-to-use languages which the chat box on your website may use. In addition, the Professional Edition you will allow you to "Edit" the text of the translations or add your own personal translation for any desired language.

List of the available languages:

  1. English

  2. Russian

  3. French

  4. Italian

  5. Japanese

  6. Chinese

  7. German Dutch

  8. Belgium Dutch

  9. Polish

  10. Norwegian

  11. Spanish

  12. Danish

  13. Belarusian

  14. Swedish

  15. Finnish

  16. Portuguese

  17. Kazakh

  18. Greek

  19. Romanian

  20. Ukrainian

  21. Dutch

  22. Czech

  23. Brazilian Portuguese

  24. Turkish

  25. Indonesian Bahasa

Also, please check following settings:

1.The "Design" section -> Text.

2.The "Triggers" section. You should manually change the language for each trigger. Just press the "Edit" button to open the settings of each trigger and "Save" the changes after you're done.

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