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1. First of all, you'll need to generate your own unique JivoChat email address for receiving orders/emails from your website. To do that, access your JivoChat web application or one of our Desktop apps and go to "Manage" -> "Add Channels" -> "Website orders".

2. Next, click one of the two options available. Please notice that both will end up creating the same exact channel, the only difference is where you'll be redirected to inside the newly created channel to facilitate your set up.

3. In this step, you'll be able to configure how you'd like your website orders/emails to reach JivoChat. You can configure a specific "Status" and also "Tags" to be automatically added to the incoming website orders/emails, and also assign which agents will be assigned to receive the incoming orders/emails in their JivoChat app. After setting up the channel, click to "Connect".

4. You'll be redirected to the "Settings" section of the newly created channel. Simply copy the generated email address in the channel and proceed to the next step.

5. Paste the generated email in the order notification email option from the Store settings page. Click on Store -> Store Emails -> Order Notifications.

Yet, if you'd rather not change the email address for order notifications (Weebly doesn't let you add more than one address) you can set up e-mail forwarding in your mailbox. Here are some articles on how to do that in your email platform:

1. Gmail

2. Yahoo

3. Outlook

When configuring this setting, create a rule to only forward emails that include keywords from Webnode order notifications, i.e. "Order", "Application", "New client", etc. You can define them based on foregoing order notifications.

All set, now you are ready to receive orders from your website's form directly in the JivoChat app.

We wish you a great day!

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