How to configure the Service Quality Assessment

Included for free in plans

Would you like to collect feedbacks from your chats directly from your customers? This feature will save your time and improve your support quality. You can configure a form during chat in which your customer can leave a rate and a comment.

To activate it, just go to your jivo desktop or web app. Go to "Manage"→ "Channels"→ "Settings" from the channel you wish to configure:


In this menu, access to the "Service quality assessment". Just click on the switch to enable it.:


In this menu, you will find different options (available in PRO and Enterprise plans):

Select assessment type: In this option, you can choose a number for the assessment system. If you select 2, customers will see only 2 options (positive, negative). If you select from 3 to 5, your customer can rate from 1 to 5, using emojis or stars, as you will see later in this tutorial.

Display condition: We have two types of triggers for the service evaluation to appear to the customer.

a) After a certain number of messages: In this menu, you will see the option to enter the number of messages that should be exchanged between the operator and the customer for the evaluation form to be displayed automatically.

b) After the agent clicks to resolve the chat: In this menu, the display of the evaluation form will only appear when the agent clicks on the "Resolve" icon at the top of the chat.

Finally, you can see all the changes in real time in the box on the right-hand side.

In the other fields, you can enter the messages that customers will see in the form.

Here is an example, if you select number 5 as the evaluation type, as you can see, it changes immediately, so you can see how it will look on the form:

And that is all, we hope you take a lot of advantage collecting your customers’ feedback

Happy chats!

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