How to export chats from JivoChat

Included for free in plans

If you find it necessary to download your conversations with clients, you can effortlessly accomplish this task by utilizing the "Chat export" feature, which is accessible with our Professional and Enterprise plans.

Step 1

Go to the "All" tab in the Contact Center section and, if necessary, filter out the chats that you want to export.

Step 2

Click the "Export chats" button

Step 3

In the "Chats export" window that opens client have to choose:

  • format for downloading dialogs (html - human readable, json - for soulless machines)
  • fields that you want to see in file with chats (the main fields are available by default [client ID, client name, communication channel, link to the client, number of requests, start date of the chat, response speed, duration of the chat, rating, comment on the rating, link to the dialog], you can also select additional fields)

Step 4

Click the "Start export" button

Step 5

A notification will be displayed on the screen confirming the successful export, and you will shortly receive the download link.

Step 6

The formation of the file takes time, the file will be available in the "Team" section in the chat with JivoBot (just wait for notification)

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