Telephony Plus module

Included for free in plans

Telephony Plus is a separate module with premium functions for efficient work with calls. It is possible to connect the module to both Professional and Basic versions.

What is included in the Telephony Plus module:

Calls via the widget

Call statistics

Voice greetings

Shedule Callback

Pop-up form for requesting a call

The ability to use your number as a caller ID

Connecting your number via SIP

How to connect it?

Please go to manage→ extensions

Select the option "Modules":


Click connect and you will be redirected to the checkout for the payment



Calls via the widget

Now the agent can make voice calls directly to the chat on the site through a button in the chat window. Such calls can only be initiated by the operator.

Using this functionality has the following advantages:

  • the client does not need to leave his phone number;
  • you save on calls because calls through the widget are free, only the module is paid;
  • no need to purchase a number and pass a verification process.

How it works:

The agent clicks the call button in the chat from the JivoChat app.

The call comes to the client in the widget, they will need to accept it.

When the call ends, you will see a recording file that you can download or play again.

It is also possible to connect video calls (the function is paid separately). You can read more in the article: " Setting up video calls in JivoChat ".

Call statistics

Call statistics are available to account administrators in the "Statistics> Telephony" section. There you can see the following data:

  • statistics on calls, broken down by managers, dates, numbers, etc .;
  • the number of missed calls and their reasons.

Also, statistics allows you to go to the list of calls by clicking on the type of calls under the schedule.

Voice greetings

The functionality of voice greetings is the ability to set up an answering machine that will greet customers during working hours, ask them to call back during non-working hours, and also warn about the need to wait in the line if all agents are busy.

You can enter phrases in text, and our robot will voice them, or upload your own audio file.

Detailed instructions on how to use greetings can be found in the article " Setting up voice greetings ".

Scheduled Callbacks

You can activate this option in the callback settings.

The delayed call mode is activated outside of working hours and assumes the following call scenario:

  • the visitor enters a phone number and indicates a convenient time for a call (within working hours);

  • an appropriate notification containing the time of the call will be sent to the email for notifications;
  • at the time specified by the visitor, the call will go to the operators in the application (like a regular callback).

Pop-up call request form

You can customize the pop-up window to collect phone numbers.

The option is enabled in the Channel Settings> Callback section:

Use the option to display the form when clicking on the call order button or set up a special automatic action (for example, for visitors who spent more than 30 seconds on the page and viewed more than 2 pages). You can set up automatic actions in the channel settings on the "Automatic actions" tab. Add a Show Callback Form action and enter the desired text.

Use your number as a caller ID

You can set your number as the Caller ID for the callback, and it will be displayed for customers.

Manage the setting in the "Callback" section.

Connecting your number via SIP

Connect your number via SIP and use it for incoming and outgoing calls to JivoChat.

The number is connected as a separate communication channel in "Manage"> Channels> Phone number> Connect your number via SIP"

We have an article with connection instructions for different systems .

If you have any questions about the functionality of the module, we will be happy to help you in the chat.

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