AimyLogic bot integration

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Integrate AimyLogic with Jivo and let a bot deal with new-coming chats. The bot will handle new dialogues and drop them in Inbox if it runs out of answers so that your agents can carry on.

The bot’s chat history can be found in “Contact Center” > “All” in the Jivo app.

The first step to enable the integration is to sign up in AimyLogic.

After that, add a new chatbot in the AimyLogic panel. You can either use a template or create your own.

When it’s done, go to “Channels” and select “Jivo” under “Business channels”.

When the channel is connected, go to its settings to get the token.

Important: every time you make changes for your bot you’ll need to click “Publish” under the Jivo channel to apply the changes.

Copy the token and go to the Jivo app > “Manage” > “Extensions” > “Integrations” and select “Aimylogic”.

Enter a name and title for your bot, upload a picture, insert your bot “token”, and select which channels you want to apply the bot for. When all is set, press “Save”.

The integration is completed, you’ll see the bot under “Connected integrations”. You may always change its settings, just hover the mouse over the integration and go to “Options”.

Done! You may now test your bot to make sure it works as desired.

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24x7 in the chat on our site.